Sustainable Transportation Project Coordinator (School Loops)

WINNIPEG, Manitoba
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You will be managing and implementing the newly launched School Loops program and seeking to empower thousands of students and hundreds of volunteers keen to make their community a better place.

SchoolLoops is a mixture of action, communication and empowerment. Part bicycle way-finding upgrade, part encouragement campaign, and part real world infrastructure project, (...and 100% fun), the success of School Loops stems from the ability to quickly establish networks of youth-friendly link roads and paths all over a city. By doing so, we offer practical transportation benefits and learning opportunities and opportunities for fast upgrade.

You will hit the grounding running, er, riding. Over a dozen loops have already been established in the community thanks to the support of multiple school divisions, teachers, principals, volunteers ad our summer staff. Each SchoolLoop connects multiple schools and stretches for a few kms, consisting of signs affixed to posts and uploaded to a mobile app. Each one offers some of the best paths available, and each one can be further improved.

What we are looking for is someone who grasps the potential of the bicycle who is willing to take he project to the next level. You'll be developing real-world activities to make the School Loops projects more engaging fun and impactful. Working with an existing network of keen school community leaders like keen administration staff, superintendents, principals, parents and teachers,  successful applicant will ultimately get thousands people thousands of good reasons to get outside and doing good things.


Duties and responsibilities

Physical and Online Material Development - You will be responsible for developing short workshops, challenges, exercises and materials related to all forms of sustainable active transportation on the platforms best suited to the job and of your choosing.

Online and In-Person Outreach - You will be responsible for constantly evolving and iterating - ie. trying it out for real. Half of your time will be spent liaising with partners and participants learning what works. You'll be experimenting in a real world environment and given the flexibility to refine your ideas on the spot in order to be rapidly shared among a wide and captive audience. To rapidly disseminate the information, you will also be responsible for the online presence of School Loops, so strong digital literacy and content management skills are a must.

Hands On Workshops and Actions - Mini projects near schools or along the routes, designed to improve the experience in some way by making it safer, more intuitive, or simply more fun to bike to school.

Notably, you will have access to a team of sustainable transportation professionals and IT creatives willing to work with you to create the content with the most impact.

Knowledge and skills

All levels of experience/education are welcome. This position should be seen as somewhat multi-disciplinary and could be considered ideal for someone who normally specializing in something specific like architecture, engineering, planning or education who enjoys bicycles/working with youth/public and is interested in branching out. What a candidate may lack in one area, we will be expecting that person will make up for by finding the relevant skills within the community or within the rest of our team. We will be evaluating candidates based on their knowledge of the program and their ideas for making it grow. Consider the following as assets:

Childhood Education. A strong understanding of workshop/curriculum development for varying ages.

Writing. Great writing skills.

Empathy and Inclusion. Your first instinct will be to work with, not for people who need help.

Computer skills. Know how to update a blog? Are you the one your friends ask when something goes wrong on their computer? That could help here.

Volunteer coordination. Invariably you will be working with student volunteer teams, well-meaning parents, passionate community members. You'll know how to make a volunteer feel special

Playfulness. COVID has made a lot of normal things quite serious. This position demands a light touch and an injection of fun. Your job will be to make activities associated with School Loops both meaningful and cool.

Languages. Proficiency in English, French, Cree, Ojibwe or any combination of the above.

Education required

Some university education or a degree in Education may be ideal, natural leaders and those with experience delivering workshops may apply. Interestingly, if you have experience as a ski instructor, camp counsellor, Girl Guide or simply love the outdoors and have some propensity towards what is mentioned above, please consider applying.

Certification required


Eligibility criteria

Qualified interns are:

  • Between 15 and 30 years of age at the start of the internship
  • Canadian citizens, permanent residents or persons granted refugee status in Canada1
  • Legally allowed to work according to the relevant provincial and Canadian legislation and regulations
  • Available to participate in an ImpAct internship for a flexible duration of up to 6 months by March 1, 2021
  • Not employees of the hiring employer prior to the start of their internship (does not apply to previous coop students or student interns, although this must be clearly indicated by the employer)

1Refugee protection must be conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Persons awaiting refugee status, as well as those who hold a temporary visitor visa, student visa or work visa, are ineligible to participate in a Youth Employment Strategy initiative.

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