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Township of Selwyn Published: January 31, 2020
Selwyn, Ontario
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Waste management, environmental research, renewable/clean energy, environmental research, climate change analysis, clean/green technology.
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Selwyn Township has approved the implementation of three new Township-wide programs commencing in 2020. These include a clear garbage bag program, a green event policy, and a digester and re-leaf program. Together, these represent the Township’s commitment to sustainable diversion of waste and recyclable material, naturalization and climate-friendly practices. These efforts are part of the Township’s Climate Change Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to waste, and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

This internship is an opportunity for a recent graduate to gain experience and knowledge related to waste management, as well as promoting climate-friendly practices across municipal facilities and community organizations. The internship is research and policy-driven with hands-on, people-oriented components.

Specifically, the intern will be instrumental in implementing a clear bag policy across Selwyn Township by engaging with the public, providing education and resources to help people transition to using clear bags and encouraging compliance with the blue box recycling program. The intern will have a presence at the Smith Landfill, potentially community events, and communicate with people through various Township outlets. To compliment this program, the intern will also lead the implementation of a digester installation and re-leaf program aimed at helping residents reduce and sustainably divert food and organic waste in their own backyards and naturalize their property with trees.

Additionally, the intern will play a supporting role in promoting utilization of the Township green event policy across municipal facilities and community groups.

Lastly, the intern will conduct research on technologies and programs available to sustainably divert organic waste and recyclable material produced in the Township. The aim of this research is to identify potential opportunities for the Township to further demonstrate their commitment to sustainable waste management and reach their waste-related greenhouse gas emission targets.

Duties and responsibilities

Clear Bag Program

  • Understand the rationale and framework of the clear bag program and educate the public when appropriate.
  • Understand how waste is managed in Selwyn Township, including diversion programs available through the Smith landfill and County of Peterborough and educate the public when appropriate.
  • Promote the program at the Smith Landfill site and potentially community events.
  • Document compliant and non-compliant households and follow up with them accordingly.
  • Answer emails and phone calls associated with the clear garbage bag program.

Green Event Policy

  • Understand the climate-friendly practices recommended in the green event policy.
  • Play a supporting role in promoting utilization of the green event policy across municipal facilities and community groups.

Digester Installation Program

  • Coordinate resident registration for the digester program and help with installation (please note: installing a digester requires using a shovel to dig a 3-4 foot hole on resident properties, a process that takes approximately 1-2 hours).
  • Coordinate resident registration for the re-leaf program, retrieval of trees and planting and maintenance instructions.
  • Understand how digesters work and other ways of sustainably diverting food and organic waste and educate the public when appropriate.
  • Understand the environmental and health benefits of trees and educate the public when appropriate.


  • Undertake research into technologies and programs available to sustainably divert food and organic waste and recyclable materials and identify new waste management opportunities for the Township

Knowledge and skills

  • Understanding of how waste is managed on a municipal scale, including garbage, blue box recycling and organic waste.
  • Understanding of the connection between waste and environmental health and climate change (e.g. how food waste is a contributor of climate change).
  • Personable, professional and an effective communicator who enjoys dealing with the public.
  • Comfortable working outside and physically able to dig holes in people`s yards to install digesters.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office.
  • Excellent communication skills, including email and phone etiquette.
  • Good program coordination skills.
  • Academic and professional experience conducting research using credible sources and creating executive summaries of findings.
  • Excellent team player and positive attitude.



Education required

  • Post-secondary degree in sustainable waste management, environmental policy, environmental science, sustainability, sustainable agriculture and food systems, public policy, community engagement, communications, or a related field.


Certification required

Valid Class G Driver’s License and access to a reliable vehicle.

Eligibility criteria

Career-Launcher Internships are funded by the Government of Canada under the Youth Employment Strategy. For program criteria information visit their website.


Qualified interns are:

  • Post-secondary students and graduates
  • No more than 30 years of age at the start of the internship
  • Canadian citizens, permanent residents or persons granted refugee status in Canada*
  • Legally allowed to work according to the relevant provincial and Canadian legislation and regulations
  • Not receiving employment insurance during their internship
  • Available to work for at least six months
  • Not previous participants of a federal youth employment program
  • Not employees of the hiring employer prior to the start of their internship (does not apply to previous coop students or student interns)

*Refugee protection must be conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Persons awaiting refugee status, as well as those who hold a temporary visitor visa, student visa or work visa, are ineligible to participate in a Youth Employment Strategy initiative.

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