Coordinators of the Coalition of Alliances for Sustainable Development of Canada

The Canadian Coalition of Sustainable Development Alliances Published: November 5, 2020
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This project consists of better establishing the Coalition through the creation of various resources based on the field expertise of our various members currently coming from UBC, ULaval, UCalgary and UWaterloo. During the 5 months of this pilot project, the team will develop a guide on the creation of SD Alliances on a campus applicable as much within a university as a college or another educational institution by organizing sessions with students and members of the professional body of colleges. An official launch event will be organized and will be used to create multimedia educational content related to SD that can be used on different platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. The team will also develop a sponsorship system using the resources developed which will be available online.

This project is done in partnership with Sustainable Development Solution Network Canada and the Foundation for Environmental Stewardship. Funding will be received through them.

  • Develop bilingual resources accessible to academic institutions at all levels. A guide on the creation of Sustainable Development Alliances, a launch event as well as video clips as well as a sponsorship system for institutions.
  • A bilingual guide on the creation of Sustainable Development Alliances (applicable to all academic levels) will be produced.
  • An online launch event will be organized. (used to create educational videos)
  • An online institution buddy-system will be set up.


Duties and responsibilities

These people will be collectively responsible for developing the value offer as well as the various resources of the Coalition including a Guide on the creation of SD Alliances in a context of institutions of all levels, a launch event, a website where there is an inter-institutional sponsorship system as well as a series of multimedia videos that can be be used on different platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram). These different people will work together in a collaborative manner. Depending on availability and constraints on the separation of funding into several members, members will be granted a salary of $ 18 / h. Six people sharing 3 Impact grants totaling $21600 over  20 weeks at 10h / week)


Guide on building Alliances The first month will be devoted to guide development as well as establishing contacts between the different parties involved. An ideation workshop will be organized between the coalition and members (students and administrators) of a college to develop resources relevant to their needs.

Translation of the guide and planning The second month will look at the end of the production as well as the translation of the guide developed above. We will also begin the start of planning for a launch in January (events, social media and distribution) January

Launch of the guide and of the site The third month will see the official launch of the guide as well as the sponsorship system of the coalition. A webinar will be organized where different parties will be invited to receive training on how to properly use these resources. February

Video clips

  The fourth month will focus on the development of video clips (published on Youtube) using the content of the launch event for the Guide and the Sponsorship System. The aim of these videos is as much to act independently as educational resources in SD as to complement the Guide as well as existing resources. March

Distribution of resources

  The fifth and final month will conclude the various pilot projects. In terms of resources established by the Coalition, we will focus to a distribution of resources (guides, videos,sponsorship system) via a campaign on social networks as well as through our various networks (SDSN, ITCan etc ...)

Knowledge and skills

As a group the different fellows will need the enumerated skills:

  • Website development 
    • Has experience in coding and website development
    • Interpersonal and communication skills (written and verbal)
    • Creative and comfortable using different softwares 
    • Experience in using design tools such as photoshop
  • Organizing launch event for SDG guide
    • Project planning and management skills
    • Strong interpersonal skills with a desire to engage with our community of SDG leaders
    • Comfortable facilitating meetings with various stakeholders
    • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Creating SDG guide
    • Ability to work independently as well as contributing to team development
    • Excellent writing skills
    • Have an entrepreneurial spirit with a strategic mindset
  • Research
    • Prior research experience is an asset
    • Oral and written communication skills
    • Passionate and interested in research to develop effective SDG-related workshops 
  • Videos
    • Prior videography experience
    • Editing and using video editing software

Education required

Be enrolled in post-secondary education.

Eligibility criteria

Qualified interns are:

  • Between 15 and 30 years of age at the start of the internship
  • Canadian citizens, permanent residents or persons granted refugee status in Canada1
  • Legally allowed to work according to the relevant provincial and Canadian legislation and regulations
  • Available to participate in an ImpAct internship for a flexible duration of up to 6 months by March 1, 2021
  • Not employees of the hiring employer prior to the start of their internship (does not apply to previous coop students or student interns, although this must be clearly indicated by the employer)

1Refugee protection must be conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Persons awaiting refugee status, as well as those who hold a temporary visitor visa, student visa or work visa, are ineligible to participate in a Youth Employment Strategy initiative.

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