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pointA Publié : le 8 Oct 2020
Toronto, Ontario
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pointA ( is a non-profit that envisions sustainable transportation options for everyone. Our goal is to connect people to the places they want to go. We aim to give people and businesses transportation options that benefit the environment, the economy and the well-being of our communities. In collaboration with our funders, members and partners, we facilitate transportation demand management programs and advocate for sustainable transportation.

Our core activities include developing, launching and monitoring transportation demand management (TDM) programs for medium- to large- sized organizations. We promote a menu of options for commuters, such as transit, ride-matching, shuttle buses, vanpooling, telecommuting, cycling and walking.

Tâches et responsabilités

pointA is seeking an intern who is willing to work remotely to support pointA’s efforts in transitioning our programming and in particular its marketing and communications materials to better align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The pointA Board approved the adoption of UN SDGs 3, 11, and 13 in 2019. Since then, pointA has focused on gathering supporting research for the three UN SDGs and is now ready to position itself, its programs, and work as a supporter and partner of the UN SDGs. In doing so, we hope to attract more like-minded clients and supporters and to also ensure that our programming and work are measured to help Canada achieve its SDG goals as outlined in its 2030 SDG Agenda.

The Coordinator will work across the entire organization as marketing and communications cuts across all aspects of pointA. The Coordinator will report to the Communications and Marketing Manager.

Responsibilities will be as follows:

  • Expand pointA’s thought leadership capacity by researching and writing blog posts focused on sustainable transportation and at least one of the 3 SDG goals (e.g., connecting the importance of sustainable transportation more resilient communities). Assist Marketing & Communications Manager in editing volunteer blog post submissions.
  • Support pointA’s social media accounts by monitoring pointA’s Twitter account, researching and drafting Twitter content and researching and engaging with thought leaders to ensure that pointA is engaged in content related to UN SDGs and current advocacy campaigns or efforts.
  • Refine pointA’s KPI and metrics plan by identifying additional UN SDG KPIs, metrics, and data sources for companies. Develop data capture processes to ensure regular capture of KPIs and metrics. Ensure that metrics and data are incorporated into all relevant pointA marketing materials including but not limited to the pointA website and electronic brochures as well as programs materials (e.g., workplans). Make recommendations on how to better evaluate programs and work based on UN SDGs.
  • Assist in pointA’s program development efforts, ensuring that all business plans and program materials align with the UN SDGs.
  • Conduct market research to identify new clients, especially those that align with the UN SDGs, and assist the programs team in developing relationships with new clients.
  • Research content and build the monthly pointA newsletter in Mailchimp.
  • Other duties as required.

Connaissances et compétences

  • Background/interest in sustainable transportation, environmental science, urban and regional planning, and/or public policy. Post-secondary education is a strong asset.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills. Communications and/or marketing education is considered an asset.
  • Excellent research skills; comfortable working with quantitative data such as Canada’s GHG emissions data.
  • Experience in managing social media (Twitter and LinkedIn) accounts, writing content, and driving engagement online. Ability to work with or graphic design is considered an asset.
  • Strong computer skills, particularly in Microsoft 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Sharepoint). Experience working with WordPress is considered an asset.
  • Strong interpersonal skills; professionalism in working with a variety of stakeholders of diverse interests and backgrounds and across the organization.
  • Ability to work independently in a remote environment while demonstrating initiative in a team environment.
  • Access to a computer that can be used securely for work purposes. The Coordinator will be asked to use their own computer.

Scolarité requise

We welcome candidates who meet the ImpAct internship requirements from any educational background. Candidates with post-secondary education is considered a strong asset. Communications and/or marketing education is considered an asset.

Eligibility criteria

Les stagiaires admissibles :

  • Sont âgés de 15 à 30 ans au début du stage
  • Sont citoyens canadiens, résidents permanents ou détenteurs du statut de réfugié au Canada1
  • Sont légalement autorisés à travailler en vertu des lois et règlements provinciaux et fédéraux applicables
  • Sont disponibles à travailler pour une durée flexible allant jusqu’à 6 mois d’ici le 1er mars 2021
  • N’ont pas été employés par l’employeur avant le début du stage (ne s’appliquent pas aux placements ou stages étudiants antérieurs, mais cela doit être clairement identifié par l’employeur)

1Le statut de réfugié doit être conféré aux termes de la Loi sur l’immigration et la protection des réfugiés. Les personnes en attente du statut de réfugié et celles qui détiennent un visa de séjour temporaire, visa d’étudiant ou permis de travail, ne peuvent participer à une initiative de la Stratégie emploi jeunesse.

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