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Sustainable Life App is seeking Canadian Eco Warrior's and Community Outreach Ambassadors! Why Eco-Warrior's you might wonder? Because we live and breathe sustainable living & consumption and want to bring aboard team members from across Canada who share similar values! 

Working directly and being trained by our app’s founder, you will put together a plan to have your province, territory or regional area's eco businesses represented on our app! Your days will be varied, with learning opportunities focused primarily in digital marketing. Get ready for a lot of connecting with sustainable businesses, social media groups and eco-organizations in your area!

We are looking for individuals who would like to research and share the amazing small businesses and brands with sustainability values in their particular province or territory. Knowing how to search on google is a strong skill for this role. Those hired for this role will be open to communicating with various local facebook groups, emailing + contacting local green/environmental organizations, university sustainability groups, local vegan groups and so much more! So basically you need to be great at communicating and be outgoing and not shy to put yourself out there! We will provide you with training and support materials (PDF’s of how to use and join the app). 

We offer $750 stipends and we ask for you to put in a minimum of 38 hours. This role will be part-time and done remotely. You can spend the 38 hours in one week or spread it over one month. We will provide a one hour training at the beginning of the internship and an additional hour at the end (where you can share feedback about your experience to help us make the program even better). 


About You:

You are an Eco Warrior and you’ll help Sustainable Life App expand our platform. You :

  • Are an avid mobile app user - especially ones that help make this world a better place
  • Are a self-motivated individual who wants to inspire change!
  • Are able to work independently and also collaborate as a team member
  • Are outgoing and love meeting new people + communicating with those who share your eco values
  • Capable of juggling a bunch of tasks and responsibilities
  • Have an excellent command of written and spoken English
  • Have strong communication skills and a general positive attitude and outlook
  • Have strong organizational skills for managing multiple projects
  • Have the skills to and/or interest in creating digital marketing programs and campaigns + an interest in using social media for good
  • Have experience working with Canva, Zoom, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Docs (primarily simple Microsoft Excel skills)
  • Love listening to podcasts and in watching environmental documentaries. 



Our platform’s core values - 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption™

  1. Impact on Human Health
  2. Environmental Impact
  3. Respect for Human Rights
  4. Respect for Animal Rights
  5. Socio-Economic Worldview

What is Sustainable Life App? We are a map-based app (Apple & Android) connecting consumers with sustainable brands and businesses in their area. We’re all about #ShopLocal and #SupportSustainable. Our goal is to grow the app so that users can use it at home and while they travel to live in line with their core values. 

The app features green businesses, eco-products, and services from many industries, including: eco travel options (hotels & tours), event venues, retail shops, grocery stores, local farms, cafés, restaurants, hair salons, spas and so much more!



To learn more visit: 

To apply for this position send your resume and cover letter/a bit about yourself in an email to:

Tâches et responsabilités


  • Create a list of sustainable businesses and brands in your province or territory.
  • Research brands and businesses using google search, facebook groups, instagram, and by contacting local environmental and university/school groups who share the same sustainability values as our app. 

Marketing & Customer Outreach

  • Contact local businesses, brands via in person (safe social distance), phone and/or email to learn about what they feel they need to learn about eco-conscious consumers to help increase their profit + give them the information they need to join the app (simple online form) or nominate them by entering their details into a spreadsheet. 
  • Contact environmental organizations + school groups asking them to post details about the app on your behalf and/or share details about the app in their newsletters. 
  • Post details about the app in local facebook groups
  • Encourage local influencers to share the app (DM's, email, etc.)
  • Send suggestions for potential guests for our podcast show + what the topic of the podcast could be to have the sustainability efforts in your province get media attention.

Connaissances et compétences

  • Ability to reach out to businesses and brands (phone, in person and email) on behalf of the app to do customer discoveries.
  • You’re interested in the sustainable/eco businesses and brands in your province or territory and want to be a part of inspiring change by helping solve small business and brand owners’ problems. 
  • You want to create content that inspires + you like to focus on all aspects of a task and you're always proud of things you work on and help create. 
  • You’re a team player, resourceful, and are a driven problem-solver.

Scolarité requise

Post secondary education - We are open to a range of educational backgrounds (Bachelors, Diplomas or Certifications) in business, media or journalism with a focus in marketing or digital marketing.

Certifications requises


Eligibility criteria

Les stagiaires admissibles :

  • Sont âgés de 15 à 30 ans au début du stage
  • Sont citoyens canadiens, résidents permanents ou détenteurs du statut de réfugié au Canada1
  • Sont légalement autorisés à travailler en vertu des lois et règlements provinciaux et fédéraux applicables
  • Sont disponibles à travailler pour une durée flexible allant jusqu’à 6 mois d’ici le 1er mars 2021
  • N’ont pas été employés par l’employeur avant le début du stage (ne s’appliquent pas aux placements ou stages étudiants antérieurs, mais cela doit être clairement identifié par l’employeur)

1Le statut de réfugié doit être conféré aux termes de la Loi sur l’immigration et la protection des réfugiés. Les personnes en attente du statut de réfugié et celles qui détiennent un visa de séjour temporaire, visa d’étudiant ou permis de travail, ne peuvent participer à une initiative de la Stratégie emploi jeunesse.

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