Clean Tech Production Assistant

Prior Snowboard Manufactory Limited Publié : le 7 Oct 2020
Whistler, British Columbia
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30/ hour
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Prior Snowboard Manufactory Ltd is a 30 year old Canadian ski and snowboard manufacturing company. Prior engineers and builds the most diverse line of shapes and sizes of customizable skis and snowboards with different materials and manufacturing methods to achieve the highest quality, lightest weight backcountry touring and resort skis and snowboards. Prior continues to be a leader in the industry with cutting edge designs and ingenuity which have placed the product as one of the world's most sought after niche brands. Our model has been direct sales to an international market beyond Canada in namely USA, Korea , Japan , Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Prior is looking to update, digitize, and catalogue its designs to achieve trademarks, streamline efficiency and production and implement new materials ideally from as many local sources as possible. Prior continues to promote the arts by placing topsheets by British Columbia artists on the skis and snowboards as graphics. To date these topsheets are produced elsewhere and then shipped to Prior to assemble on the board. We are determined to bring this production in house to improve quality and performance further.

Tâches et responsabilités

This intern position will be responsible for analyzing the carbon foot print of the snowboard shop, improving, and updating the manufacturing process. The intern will conduct a thorough cost/energy/environmental impact analysis, identifying major cost and energy factors, and then propose and implement methods to reduce or mitigate the impact of the snowboard shop by using new clean technologies, updating the shops system, and making the manufacturing process more efficient.

In addition to improving the current manufacturing system, Prior Ltd. would also like to bring the topsheet printing in-house. The intern will play an important role in this project by providing green energy analysis of the different machines to be able produce in house printing and developing the most efficient production set up. The intern will provide this support through the approval of the Assistant Production Manager.

As part of updating the production system in the snowboard shop, the intern will also be responsible for creating digital CAD models of the various types of snowboard designs, including but not limited to edge type, nose type, tail type, and board profile. The intern will create CAD models using Fusion 360. Models of the board will be used for future adaptations to the design, and models of the dies for the pressing process will be used for manufacturing. Prototyping and documenting tools in the Prior manufacturing process may also be a substantial portion of this position.

If the intern has completed the above duties, another major aspect of the position will be to transfer the cataloguing and accounting aspects of the office to information technology apps such as Xero and Katana MRP software. The intern will try and automate the data that is not being transferred to these programs through excel and VBA. If the intern is capable graphic design and digital marketing may be added in conjunction with the other tasks.


- CAD/CAM for 3D printing

- Prototyping new parts

- Programming and automating of the sales and cost

- Implementing the Xero Accounting Apps with digital technology apps

- Implement new digital technology and upgrade existing technology.

-Engineer efficiency and productivity of production together with this new digital technology.

-Collaborate with our Production Manager to integrate digital technology within our 30 year production line

-Assist Production Manager to bring topsheet printing in house

-Improve our use of CAD and CNC to best optimize digital technology.

Connaissances et compétences

Knowledge & Skills:
-Degree in mechanical engineering or equivalent

- Engineering Degree, mechanical preferred

- Experience with CAD programs, with preference to AutoDesk Fusion 360

- Experience with manufacturing processes and safety around a shop

- Experience with Excel and VBA

- Familiarity in a shop and manual labour and woodworking environment is a plus

- Knowledge of sustainable development and environmental stewardship is a plus

- Knowledge of snowboard and ski history of design is a benefit

-Snowboard and / or skiing ability a benefit for Research and Design and testing end product

- Being a team player and being able to effectively communicate

- Positive Attitude

- Transportation and Housing available in Whistler is a benefit

Scolarité requise

Completed Bachelor’s of Engineering Degree

Certifications requises

No particular

Eligibility criteria

Les Stages lancement de carrière sont financés par le gouvernement du Canada dans le cadre de la Stratégie emploi jeunesse. Pour des renseignements sur les critères d’admissibilité du programme visitez leur site Web.


Les stagiaires admissibles :

  • Sont étudiants ou diplômés d’un programme postsecondaire
  • Sont âgés de 30 ans ou moins au début du stage
  • Sont citoyens canadiens, résidents permanents ou détenteurs du statut de réfugié au Canada*
  • Sont légalement autorisés à travailler en vertu des lois et règlements provinciaux et fédéraux applicables
  • Sont disponibles à travailler pendant au moins six mois
  • N’ont pas déjà participé à un programme fédéral d’emploi pour les jeunes
  • N’ont pas été employés par l’employeur avant le début du stage (ne s’appliquent pas aux placements ou stages étudiants antérieurs)

*Le statut de réfugié doit être conféré aux termes de la Loi sur l’immigration et la protection des réfugiés. Les personnes en attente du statut de réfugié et celles qui détiennent un visa de séjour temporaire, visa d’étudiant ou permis de travail, ne peuvent participer à une initiative de la Stratégie emploi jeunesse.

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