Aquaponics System Technologist

Rafferty Farms - A division of Earthis Ltd. Publié : le 26 Juil 2020
Okotoks, Alberta
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about $33,000 CAD to start
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Earthis Ltd. had its humble beginnings as a Calgary based commercial/industrial LED lighting company
established in 2009 called Streamline LED. Even early on there was a strong emphasis on carrying
high quality products that were the most energy efficient and cutting edge at the time. As we began
experimenting with agricultural lighting products, our passion grew towards food security and

In the fall of 2015, we self funded our first 1200 sqft vertical aquaponics farm prototype
in Okotoks AB. Since then, we have been able to get our products (basil, microgreens, pea shoots, edible flowers, mint, etc.)
to market through a Western Canadian distributor called Galimax Trading. Our produce is now
carried in a number of restaurants and grocers across AB, including Sobeys, River Cafe, Blush Lane,
Community Natural Foods, Chateau Lake Louise, among others. In the past several years, we have been able to refine our
vertical growing technology, and implement other sustainable technologies like: LED lighting, solar
panels, solar thermal collectors, wind turbines, rainwater catchment systems, bio-digestion
vessels, and geothermal technologies. All in an effort to reduce our energy footprint, improve efficiency, and strive towards a scalable and repeatable waste-free closed-loop production system.

In the fall of 2018, we took out our first major loan with BDC, to expand the greenhouse to a bigger and better facility (8000 sqft), which gave us a shot at becoming financially sustainable, and help establish a sustainable tech-enabled vertical farming sector in AB. In 2019, we completed this expansion, which helped improve our sales further. We are now a team of 3 FTEs and wish to increase this to 4 in the near future as we are soon to attain our ISO 22000 certification, which will help us expand into larger grocery chains. As part of our expansion plans, we will need talented and innovative people to help us grow and innovate at Rafferty Farms, which grows produce all year round for Alberta. As we prepare for this growth phase in our business, we are looking for a young and passionate Aquaponics System Technologist to join our team.

Tâches et responsabilités

  • Learn about and uphold ISO 22000 and food safety standard of the operation
  • Harvesting and packaging of our products for our distributor
  • Perform, record, and interpret water testing results, implement treatment plans as needed
  • Feed and diagnose fish for possible ailments. Quarantine and treat as needed
  • Diagnose deficiencies in plants, implement treatment plan as needed
  • Understand the mechanical systems that need to be maintained and be able to diagnose and
    resolve system issues
  • Conduct routine maintenance checks to ensure all systems are operational. This also helps us detect early signs of potential system failures.
  • Assist with continuous research and development in improving the growing system
  • Maintain and assist with clean technologies as needed
  • Establish new or create more efficient processes in the expanded operation. It is crucial that we attain every efficiency possible.
  • Clean facilities in adherence to our ISO standards
  • Prepare and package food products in our AHS certified space
  • Other relevant duties as necessary

Connaissances et compétences

At minimum:

  • Ability to work hands on with tools and mechanical systems
  • Basic understanding of clean technology, aquaponics systems, basic biology, botany, and aquaculture.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Able to understand interaction of chemicals, handling and storing them
  • Food service experience is beneficial

Scolarité requise

Because aquaponics is a new sector with a very broad application of knowledge and skills, we are
willing to consider candidates that have related education (college or university) in agriculture,
biology, botany, bio chemistry, environmental sciences, business & environment, clean technology trades, etc.

Certifications requises

Not applicable

Eligibility criteria

Les Stages lancement de carrière sont financés par le gouvernement du Canada dans le cadre de la Stratégie emploi jeunesse. Pour des renseignements sur les critères d’admissibilité du programme visitez leur site Web.


Les stagiaires admissibles :

  • Sont étudiants ou diplômés d’un programme postsecondaire
  • Sont âgés de 30 ans ou moins au début du stage
  • Sont citoyens canadiens, résidents permanents ou détenteurs du statut de réfugié au Canada*
  • Sont légalement autorisés à travailler en vertu des lois et règlements provinciaux et fédéraux applicables
  • Sont disponibles à travailler pendant au moins six mois
  • N’ont pas déjà participé à un programme fédéral d’emploi pour les jeunes
  • N’ont pas été employés par l’employeur avant le début du stage (ne s’appliquent pas aux placements ou stages étudiants antérieurs)

*Le statut de réfugié doit être conféré aux termes de la Loi sur l’immigration et la protection des réfugiés. Les personnes en attente du statut de réfugié et celles qui détiennent un visa de séjour temporaire, visa d’étudiant ou permis de travail, ne peuvent participer à une initiative de la Stratégie emploi jeunesse.

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