Employer and Intern Resources

Ensure a successful internship experience with the following resources that will be useful for both employers and interns. They provide valuable insights on a range of issues, from diversity and inclusion to mental health and wellness, and include tools to help onboard an intern and create a workplan.

Career Launcher Internship Toolkit

Enhance your internship experience with these concrete and adaptable tools and templates created to help employers integrate interns into the workplace and help interns set goals throughout their internship.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Navigate diversity and inclusion in the workplace with the help of these quick tips, worksheets, toolkits, videos and other useful resources on a variety of topics, including but not limited to gender equality and inclusion, refugees and immigrants, indigenous communities and visible minorities.

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Mental Health and Wellness

Thrive in the workplace thanks to these resources on how to promote mental health and wellness in the workplace.

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